Strong Enough

Avery Thatcher: Becoming Avery

Episode Notes

Episode fifty of Strong Enough Podcast brings Avery Thatcher, a former ICU RN and current speaker and trauma-informed yoga teacher. Avery is going to discuss how a stressful and toxic work environment led her to a chronic illness diagnosis, which completely changed her life. She realized that she wasn't the same person anymore, and self-rediscovery led her to remake her life, right down to her new name, Avery.

During this episode, Avery shares how watching chronic stress and burnout lead to illness and disease in others, along with her own chronic illness battle, led her to a new place of helping others master their stress and emotions. Avery talks about her own chronic illness journey, the changes she has made in her life, and how this battle has allowed her to help others reduce stress and eliminate negative self-talk in their lives. Avery's story is inspiring and will leave you with simple practices you can immediately incorporate into your life to reduce your own stress and avoid burnout.


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